relationships vs. friendships

October 9th , 2 months ago my best friend got into a relationship with .. Let’s just call him Lights and her Boof

So Boof is my best friend and I love her to death but she’s been spending a lot more time with Lights then with me .

Boof and I always meet in the morning to go get breakfast, but now the only reason she actually goes to breakfast with me is because she gets to hang out with Lights. 

Lights and I get along pretty well actually , we have our own handshake 😎 so I don’t have a problem with him at all and so after forth period we all meet up in the hallway to chat but my very own bestfriend acts like I’m invisible when she’s with him. So to this day I don’t bother to go over there anymore.. 

I don’t what this is but I think she is ditching me for him.. 

So what should I do? 

I don’t what to act selfish but I don’t want to feel invisible. 

Any advice..?  #help #relationship #friendship #problems 


it’s my first

well here today I decided to make a blog , maybe people will read it .. Β or not , but right I’m actually customizing it , and wow it’s so much work but hope you all like it .. πŸ™ƒβœ¨